Love it or hate it – almost all community associations have a rule and regulation regarding trash and recycle bin storage. According to Cadence’s Rules & Regulations:

“Trash containers and trash bags may be placed by the curb for pickup twelve (12) hours prior to scheduled pickup and must be removed from the curb and stored out of sight no later than twelve (12) hours after pickup.”

While some may find this overbearing, the rules are here for a reason. It all leads back to protecting your property value and making sure our community stays looking great for everyone to enjoy!

In addition to avoiding a courtesy notice, you should properly conceal your trash can to: the

Maintain Curb Appeal - One of the many reasons you invested in our community is the overall look and feel. That look that attracted you to Cadence didn’t include trash-can lined streets. Seeing trash cans in front of homes or on the street on a daily basis may not bother you, but it is considered an eyesore for many people; and can annoy neighbors or detract potential buyers in our community.

Prevent Identity Theft - Trash and recycle containers stored in front yards are easier targets for thieves to fish for sensitive information. Consider what you throw out on a daily basis. From credit card bills to junk mail, each piece can contain sensitive information that when compiled together helps thieves steal your identity.

 Help with Pest and Animal Control - Last night’s leftovers can easily become their next meal. Storing your container in a more secure location with limited access to animals helps prevent unwanted break-ins, turned over bins, and makes our community less habitable to unwanted pests and critters. Please do your part to help keep our community looking clean and beautiful by storing your trash cans out of sight!

Please note, trash cans CANNOT be stored in a front courtyard if your home has one. The lids are still visible from the street, and they can produce unpleasant odors for neighbors walking by. The best place to store trash cans is behind the side gate.

Looking for a unique way to store your trash & recycle bins while avoiding sight and odor nuisances? Consider adding a fence partition or storage container made for your bins. Remember – you MUST submit a Design Review Application and receive approval for your project BEFORE your purchase your container or do the work.

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