Planning some exterior home improvements? Need approval? Here are some helpful tips to maneuver the Design Review process.

What is Design Review?
Design Review is the process of having all exterior modifications approved prior to installation. This process is required by the association as to upkeep the guidelines and restrictions of the community.

Why do I have to submit?
This process may seem excessive or unnecessary; however, it does protect property values, keeping houses from being painted pink, and saving homeowners from improperly installing any structures that may not adhere to guidelines and need to be removed.

How does the process work?
The Association has worked diligently to make the Design Review process as simple, quick, and painless for our residents. The Design Review Committee is comprised of volunteer Board Members and Homeowners who meet every other week to review and either approve or decline applications. As a reminder, the committee will ONLY review completed applications. This means if the committee has requested more information, or the packet is deemed incomplete; it will not be reviewed until the requested information has been submitted. Once a packet is deemed complete, the committee will have 30 days to make their final decision. 

How do I submit?
Visit the community website
  • Click on "Design Review"
  • Click on "Apply Online" to upload your application, plans/drawings, sub-association approval letter (if applicable), etc.; or you can click on "Design Review Documents" to download the application form which can be mailed to the Association office or emailed to
  • Submit payment
    • By applying directly through the website, you will be directed to make your payment through our payment link.
    • There is also a "Pay Fee Online" tab, if you prefer to email or mail the application, but pay online.
    • The fee may also be paid by check and mailed to the Association office.
Do applications require a fee?
Yes, each application requires a fee which varies if the work was started and/or completed prior to approval. For a new installation, the application fee is $15 and for a previously installed project the fee is $30.

What do I do if I have a sub-association?
At this time, there is only one neighborhood within Cadence that has a sub-association. That neighborhood is Heritage. Properties located within the sub-association are required to get approval from both Heritage and Cadence. The best way to go through this process is to submit to the sub-association first, then to Cadence, as the Master Association requires a copy of the sub-association approval letter before approving any application. Once the sub-association has approved the application, submit your application, plans, and approval letter to Cadence for review and approval.