Community associations have undergone challenges the last several months. Some of which may last for quite some time, possible through the remainder of the year.

These challenges include changing in-person resident events to virtual events, adopting temporary compliance policies, and the closing and reopening of amenities. It may seem simple but there can be a ripple effect.

Currently, the playgrounds are unable to open per the Governor’s directive. As the splash pads are located in such close proximity to the playgrounds, we have been advised to keep the splash pads closed.

We are reviewing the necessary steps required for opening the pool. The pool, per the Governor’s directive, can only open at 50% capacity. This poses a challenge since currently there is no staff at the pool to ensure this capacity limit is met.

There are several options such as hiring staff and implementing a reservation system. However, this comes at an added expense to the association, i.e. Cadence homeowners who choose to use the pool.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a survey to determine the best course of action for the association.

Click Here - FAQ'S
Click Here - Survey