With temperatures warming up, we know the question on everyone’s mind. When will the community pool open?

A picture of a pool with a beach ball in it.We certainly understand the desire to open the pool and get back to life as we knew it just a few short months ago. The Cadence Community Association, like other HOAs, continues to monitor the Governor’s phased approach to reopening, including opening of community pools.

Currently, per the Governor’s directive, community pools are to remain closed. Section 19(4) of Directive 18 provides that “recreation and community centers including pools” are to remain closed. Opening the community pool early subjects the HOA to the permanent loss of permits required to operate the pool.

Once community pools are allowed to reopen, there will likely be many new protocols that need to be put in place prior to opening. These include number of people in the pool and pool complex, social distancing standards, cleaning standards, the need for additional staff, and more.

The Cadence Community Association Board is consulting with a number of industry professionals regarding this matter to ensure a safe environment is maintained. Once the Governor’s office provides guidelines and protocols for reopening, the Board will consider all options.   The Board continues to monitor the situation while also considering the required resources and liability associated with reopening the pool.

As more information becomes known we will continue to provide updates.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.

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