Photo of a coyote walking in the desert. Black and red text on a green background that reads: Be Coyote Aware. Important Safety Tips.

You may have heard the howling of coyotes or even seen some throughout the community. From mid-January to mid-March, coyotes are locked in a territorial battle for the right to breed. Mating season is upon us.

Coyotes become more aggressive and offensive, protective and defensive, territorial and hungry January-March. Here are a few ways you can help protect yourself and the community. 

  • Do Not Leave Pets Unattended Outside - This includes the back yard. Coyotes prey on small animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, etc. making smaller dogs or cats easily mistakable for prey due to their similar size. Additionally, larger dogs can be viewed as potential competitors. The best way to protect your pet is to make sure they are supervised at all times while outside, and avoid letting them roam freely.
  • Abide by all leash laws when walking pets - Not only is it the law, it's for your pets protection. Most coyotes are afraid of humans and will not come near them. However, off-leash dogs are a far easier target. Dogs can run a lot faster and if a fight were to ensue, they could be long gone before you can step in.
  • Do Not Feed Coyotes (or any other wild animal) - Coyotes are opportunistic and will make a meal out of pet food or table scraps that are left in unsecured containers. Make sure to keep pet food out of their reach and secure garbage containers. Additionally, providing any food source makes them dependent and they can lose their natural fear of humans.
  • Pick Up That Poop - The scent of poop can attract coyotes. Be sure to regularly maintain your yard and pick up poop while on walks.
Be Smart, Do Your Part! Taking these small precautions will help deter unwanted predators from our community.